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Larry was born in Charleston, SC and currently lives in Duluth, Georgia with his wife and teenage son. He also has another son and daughter in their 30’s and 7 grandchildren.

When his youngest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor, in 2007 at the age of 7, Larry had to close his brokerage business to devote his entire time to helping take care of his son’s medical needs and later his rehabilitation, which will continue for many years to come.

In 2010, as his son’s health progressed to a point where Larry could finally do something outside the home, he started looking for something new and exciting to apply his unique talents to. A friend suggested he apply to become one of the zombies for a new TV production called “The Walking Dead”,  on AMC.  He submitted his information and was given a call back in less than 5 minutes. It seems he had “the look” they were after.

That “look” paid off, because his image was the first to be released from “The Walking Dead” set and has been used as one of the primary images for AMC’s advertising for the show in the US. That image and other promotional zombie images of him have been used by Fox International, alone and in combination with Sonya Thompson and others, in over 140 countries around the world.  He and they have been featured on billboards, on the covers of, as well as in the pages of, numerous magazines here and abroad, such as TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, SFX and DVD Review in the UK, just to name a few.

Larry has gone on to be in numerous TV and major film productions, such as “Goosebumps”, “Sick People”, “Contagion”, “Level Up”, “The Three Stooges”, “Home” and “Lawless”.  As an extra, he’s been a train conductor, a restaurant patron, a hospital patient and other interesting members of the background. He was even a stuntman for “The Three Stooges”. There are a few more things in the works that he is not at liberty to discuss at this time.

Larry has also been interviewed by numerous magazines, both online and in print, as well as local TV.  He has been a guest at numerous conventions around the Country and he usually posts where he will be next on his Facebook page.

Though life may be quite difficult at times, it certainly is anything but dull…



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